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Seamless Long Radius HDPE Sweep Bend Specifications

  • ASTM F714
  • ASTM 3350
  • AWWA C901
  • AWWA C906
  • ASTM D3035
  • NSF

General Sweep Bend Specifications 

  • Manufactured in one continuous piece from HDPE pressure pipe
  • Center line radius of curvature generally 3 x diameter (HDPE Industry Nomenclature 6D). Meets Pipestar published dimensional schedule. Dimensional tolerance +/- 3/4"(+/- 20mm)
  • Outside diameter of the spigot ends shall meet the requirements of ASTM F714. Spigot lengths will be suitable for butt fusion welding, electrofusion, or mechanical connection (with connectors specifically designed for that purpose)
  • The bend manufacturing process will produce a single piece bend at the angle specified by the engineer, with an angular tolerance + or - 2° without any reversion
  • The bends will be shipped to site loose or palletized. No strapping or other foreign material will be placed inside the bend
  • Only ARC BENDS™ bends as manufactured by Pipestar International Inc. will be considered approved. All others must submit technical data and samples to be considered for approval

Freedom from Defects

  • Fittings shall be examined for defects by visual inspection in the first instance, or by any other inspection method if required
  • Fittings shall be smooth and clean with no grooves or blisters or other visible defects on the surface
  • There shall be no cavities, voids or inclusions in the fitting body
  • Defective fittings cannot be repaired and re-supplied unless specifically authorized by the client in writing


All fittings shall be clearly marked with at least the following information:

  • Manufacturers name or Trade mark
  • Identification of the material type
  • Pressure class as nominated by the manufacturer based on this guideline
  • Nominal size and SDR of the pipe for which the fitting is intended
  • Code for traceability of the manufacturing date or batch